Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is an endodontic specialty in dentistry where sequence of procedures is performed on a tooth which results in the elimination of infection and thereby protecting the tooth from future infection. The tooth is then filled with inert dental fillings. A Dental cap is recommended post Root Canal treatment. Dr. Maulik Vora Dental Clinic have a team of Doctors who have been trained to be experts in advanced/modern Root canal therapy. Traditional RCT still exists in many places, but the Adoption of new techniques and innovations like painless RCT and performing all types of root canal therapy have made Dr.Maulik Vora Dental Clinic stand apart from the rest.

New methods like machine driven rotary technology and magnification methods have enabled Root Canal specialists at Dr.Maulik Vora Dental Clinic to routinely perform painless Root Canal Treatments in Just one visit or single sitting. Dr.Maulik Vora Dental Clinic can be credited with adopting Dental lasers in Root Canal treatment with successful outcomes of therapy ensuring excellent results. Dental lasers are now used routinely by Root Canal Specialists at Partha Dental even in posterior teeth RCT and the results have been excellent.

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