Non-Surgical Gum Treatment program will consist of two types of appointments: active therapy appointments and a re-evaluation appointment. Active therapy appointments consist of measuring the gums to determine the extent of the disease, scaling and root planing of the teeth to promote healing, irrigation to fight unwanted bacteria, and home care instruction to equip you to restore and maintain health.

The re-evaluation appointment, which should be scheduled about a month after the final active therapy appointment, is an opportunity to measure the amount of improvement obtained, evaluate any problem areas that remain, and discuss the best possible options for maintaining periodontal health in the years to come.

Non-surgical therapy removes plaque and calculus by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria and by treating conditions that encourage gum disease. This type of treatment may be all that’s needed, especially when periodontal disease is caught early.

You may also need to have certain procedures, such as replacing worn fillings or crowns with overhanging margins that can accumulate plaque, taken care of before periodontal therapy can begin.


  • Root Planning
  • The goal of scaling and root planning is to eliminate the source of periodontal infection by removing the plaque, tartar and bacterial toxins from the root surfaces from the gum line. When you have active periodontal disease, routine cleanings are not enough because it generally removes plaque and tartar from above the gum line only.

  • Ultrasonic Scaling
  • Ultrasonic scaling is one the most effective procedure for treating periodontal disease and ultrasonic scaler consists of a wane, small scaling tip that produces a soft ultrasonic vibration. The small and quick vibration with combination with water flow thoroughly remove tartar while decreasing the number of bacteria below the gum line.

  • Arestin
  • ArestinAs part of our therapy for periodontal disease, we have an effective treatment that helps us to control the infection in your mouth called Arestin. Arestin is used together with scaling and root planning to significantly reduce the depth of the infective pocket and prevent the progression of the disease.

  • Atridox
  • To fight periodontal disease, we have an effective treatment called Atridox. A cartridge filled with Atridox, and an antimicrobial gel containing antibiotic is used. We apply the antibiotic directly over the spaces between your teeth and gum. It then flows deeply into the periodontal pocket and hardens into a wax like substance.

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